Climateer is a blog analyzing climate change mitigation from a systems perspective. We explore questions about how to most rapidly reduce global greenhouse emissions.

My name is Steve Newman. I started Climateer in October 2021. I’m a software engineer, and my claim to fame is co-founding Writely, the startup that became Google Docs. I also founded or co-founded Scalyr and a number of other companies, with varying degrees of success. :-)

In November 2022, the team grew to include two more part-time contributors:

  • Eliana Schwartz is a Senior Product Manager at WattBuy, working on home electrification and decarbonization. She is passionate about contributing to research that helps demystify climate and energy data. Her LinkedIn is here.

  • Janki Patel works with firms on bringing sustainability into their business strategy. She recently graduated from UC Berkeley's MBA program, where she focused her time on trying to understand the intersection between equity and climate change. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

I also blog about AI – the big questions about where things might lead, what good and bad might result, and what we can do about it – at

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Making sense of the challenge of climate change


Software engineer + entrepreneur turned amateur climatologist